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UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL

A clean home is every person's pride. At UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, we provide the best Carpet cleaning services to restore the beauty of your house. We adhere to the cleaning needs of our clients at an individual level. We understand the value of a safe environment, and that is why the majority of products we used are eco and user-friendly. We employ only the best technicians available to provide utmost customer satisfaction. With years of experience in this industry, in carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning as well as restoration of water damaged property, and tile and grout cleaning.

Local carpet cleaning pros

Located in Hollywood, Florida, we are at the center of the Miami metropolitan area. Our location is ideal for providing services to the many residents of South Florida. Hollywood is the safest place in Broward County. The people who live here are very kind to each other, to the environment and animals. The area has nine districts. It is a free and fair environment for both locals and international settlers. It is home to people of different races, religion, ancestry, and nationalities.

There are different types of carpets and rugs for your floor in the market today. These include wool, sisal, seagrass, synthetic and jute carpets. Among these, wool carpets have proven to be the jewel in the industry. Most people love wool carpets because they are comfortable and provide a sense of luxury. Carpets which have been installed on the floor, do not have odor instead, the smell comes from particles of food and substances that stain the carpet. This odor can be prevented by cleaning your carpet. For this you can contact our cleaning professionals who are well equipped with the best technology to help in cleaning your carpets, rugs, and floor (including terrazzo, tile, stone and concrete).

Methods we use to clean your carpets

When engaging in carpet cleaning, we offer the following services for commercial and local clients; cleaning by hot water extraction, shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet, and dry carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction involves cleaning by steaming the carpet with high pressure so that the dirt in it can be dissolved hence removed from the carpet by suction. Shampooing consists of the application of wet foam on the carpet to remove dirt. Encapsulation involves crystallization of dirt by use of detergents, which then make it easier for one to vacuum and remove the dirt entirely. Bonnet cleaning consists of the brushing of the surface of the carpet by use of a machine. Dry cleaning also uses devices and compounds for effective cleaning.

Effective odor and stain removal service

There are several convenient methods used to remove odor from the carpet. At UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, we remove odors and grimy stains using best products for carpet cleaning. These include:

  • Deodorizers
  • Enzyme treatment
  • Bacteria removals
  • Shampoos

These odors are treated according to their causes. A pressurized vacuum cleaner is a device that can help in this, by removing foodstuff, dust, and dry out dampened areas while removing the stains. It is essential to contact a professional to help while doing this because the treatment and sanitizing for the different types of carpet varies. One should be careful not to damage the carpet.

We cover commercial cleaning need

It is necessary to have a commercial professional technician handle the cleaning of your rugs, carpets and upholstery because a cleaning provider will perform a more thorough cleaning and scotchgarding in the office, mall or other commercial premises. With our acquired knowledge and experience in these services, we will use products which will simplify the work.

Mold removal, testing and inspection services in Hollywood FL

If you suspect there's mold in your home or business in Hollywood, FL, the only way to confirm its presence and eliminate it is with a reliable mold removal and inspection service. Mold can cause a variety of health problems, and that's why it's important to have an experienced team perform professional mold testing and inspections. At UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, we boast an experienced team of technicians who are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help identify any mold concerns. We also offer affordable prices for our services, e.g. mold inspection costs only $149!

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We are guaranteed to leave your house spotlessly clean. Our professional deep cleaning services will give you time to concentrate on other things while we are lending a helping hand. For your carpet cleaning needs, kindly contact UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL. We have guaranteed professional services.

Residential Cleaning Service Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Customer Reviews
"I would like to express my appreciation for this company's wonderful upholstery cleaning services! My mother just moved into a new apartment, and the couch was really dirty. I found your company online, and she was very pleased with the results!"
Raquel A.
"Recently hired them to clean our carpet and treat it for pet odor. The tech did a great job that was to my satisfaction. My carpet smells great now and looks so much better."
Frank M.
"Our technician was kind and knowledgeable enough to explain the mattress cleaning process to us. I was pleased at how well they communicated every step of their cleaning process. Their mattress cleaning service was excellent and affordable. I loved that their cleaning solutions weren't too strong because I am allergic to strong scents. I would call them over again."
Kerry W.
"Incredibly professional and very skilled. I called them for mold testing and mold air test after experiencing continuous allergies and a musty smell from the bathroom. The report indicated that we had a severe mold problem and needed immediate remediation."
Lucrece C.
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