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Ceramic or stone tiles add quality touches to your home's architectural components, whether indoors or outdoors, but the problem is that they easily stain after being used for some time. Worry not, however, as our cleaning services are here to make your tile and grout floors clean again.

We provide a range of tile and grout cleaning services meant to keep your home in a mint condition. Our team of experts are experienced in providing cleaning services in Hollywood, Florida, and its environs. With so much experience and specialized equipment, you can be sure that our service results will be nothing short of magnificent.

Why clean your tiles anyway?

Even though most if not all tiles are meant to last long, they are still not immune to unhealthy elements in and around your home. With continued use, dirt and grime will eventually land on tiled surfaces and turn them into a breeding ground for disease-causing organisms. This is common, especially in areas where water is regularly used, such as bathrooms, pools and kitchens.

To eliminate mold and other allergens as well as prevent the growth of mold and mildew, tile and grout cleaning becomes a necessity. Besides, keeping your tiles and grout clean also enhances the aesthetic value of your home and surroundings.

Other than just cleaning, we also offer sealing services for porous tiles and grout to prevent water damage, which becomes more apparent with increased exposure to water. Saltillo Mexican tiles are a good example of tiles that require sealing services, considering that they are made of clay.

Our Cleaning Process

As a cleaning service provider, we obviously want to deliver the best results, and for this reason, we utilize the best equipment and cleaning techniques. Our team of experts is experienced in providing any home cleaning services that you might think of, including flood restoration services. We also act quickly to prevent water damage on your floor and walls after a flood.

While cleaning tile and grout, the process we follow includes the following steps:

  1. Inspection
    Our professionals come to the site and perform pretests to determine the type of surface they will be dealing with and to point out any existing damage in advance of the cleaning.
  2. Protection of nearby surfaces
    We then go ahead and apply protection techniques to ensure that adjacent surfaces and items won't be affected during the cleaning process.
  3. Apply product
    After we have prepared the areas that require cleaning, we apply cleaning products and wax to begin the cleaning process.
  4. Scrubbing the surface
    Using different equipment and methods, we scrub the surface to rid it of any contaminants and stains, while conducting checks to ensure that the results are perfect.
  5. Rinse and extract
    Once we are done with the scrubbing, we continue the cleaning process by rinsing and extracting the surfaces of all unwanted residue.
  6. Neutralizing and drying
    We then use different products, equipment, and techniques to neutralize and dry your floor or marble, leaving it clean and free from all disease-causing micro-organisms.
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Why Consider Hiring Professionals?

At times, you might be tempted to clean or polish tile and grout on your own, but be prepared for disappointment. Cleaning tiled surfaces without any professional help can put you at risk of getting unwanted results, which means wasted energy, time, and resources.

Some of the reasons why you want to have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned include:

  • Saves you time
  • Use eco-friendly products and sealants
  • Save money and get the results you want the first time
  • Prevent growth of mold and mildew
  • Cleaned surfaces last longer

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