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UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, is a renowned cleaning service in the region. We offer a range of cleaning services, including rug cleaning and all types of upholstery cleaning services. One of the reasons why you should consider us is how easy we make it for you to get your home or business cleaned. The cleaning services that we offer are available in all parts of Hollywood, FL, and are offered around the clock - just contact us.

One of the reasons why you should choose us for dirty rug cleaning needs is our professionalism. Our team of highly qualified rug and carpet cleaners are highly trained in the best cleaning methods for a superior cleaning experience. Additionally, our rates are affordable compared to other cleaning services in the region. We have been in the market since 2005, which makes us highly experienced in the carpet cleaning industry. Once you schedule a cleaning session with us, we ensure that our cleaners arrive on time and provide quality services.

Why Hollywood FL residents choose our rug cleaning service?

Specialized cleaning methods for each rug type

At UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, we understand that different types of rugs require specialized cleaning methods. With this, the rugs will not wear out quickly, and they will be cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning all types of area rugs

The types of rugs we clean in our rug cleaning service include oriental rugs, fiber rugs, synthetic rugs, silk/special rugs, Persian rugs, wool rugs, and cotton rugs.

Rug stain removal service

Home cleaning methods often fail to remove tricky rug stains. That's why you need a professional rug cleaner. UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL is known for high tech equipment and organic solutions for removing the different types of stains, such as pet stains, oil stains, paint, blood, ink, and grape juice. It is essential to have these stains removed professionally, as is mold removal, as they can affect the appearance and durability of your rugs.

Onsite rug cleaning

We have a range of rug cleaning services. These services are offered onsite, whereby we send our professionals to your home for inspection first before cleaning. They include:

  • Hot water extraction, which involves using hot water under pressure to removes stains and accumulated dirt in the fibers. It is ideal when there are stubborn stains on the rugs.
  • Vacuuming or dry cleaning. The method is used to remove dirt and debris on some area rugs such as oriental rugs.
  • Enzyme treatment to remove odors and pet stains.
  • Rug strands fringing.

To prevent mold growth in rug fibers, we also recommend regular home mold testing and inspection. Rely on our mold experts!

Rug cleaning process

Removing odor and stains from area rugs can be difficult. Here is the process we follow to ensure your oriental rugs are free from smells and stains:

  1. First, we move the rug to an area which will not be damaged by water, such as outside or on an indoor concrete floor.
  2. Then we vacuum the rugs to remove excess dirt and dust from deep within the rug's construction. The process is to make sure that the carpet has no debris when cleaning.
  3. We then use precise cleaning methods on the rugs, which penetrates deep inside the fibers.
  4. To remove all stains, we use hot water extraction to steam clean. The process is to remove stubborn stains from the rugs.
  5. The rugs are dried and returned to the floor of your house. Before drying them, we deodorize the rug for freshness and groom the fibers and fringe for the best appearance.

Rugs are essential parts of every home. It is important to have your rug cleaning services done by trained technicians instead of doing it with your hands. You will increase the life span of your rugs, get same day cleaning, eco-friendly detergents, and restore your rugs to a like-new appearance.

Schedule area rug cleaning with us

If you need to clean your rugs, near me, make sure you contact our local team at 954-874-6082 for professional and quality services. You can also reach us from our website and get a free estimate for both commercial and residential cleaning.

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