Mold Remediation Services in Hollywood, FL

One of the best mold removal services near you is UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL.

Nobody ever wants to have mold blooming in their homes. But when you have water leakage or faulty water systems around your home, mold can quickly take over if you don't act fast and call a professional mold removal provider near you!

Professional Mold Remediation in Hollywood, FL

If you live in Hollywood, FL, and you've recently had water flooding or leakage of any kind, why not contact UCM Carpet Cleaning Hollywood FL, to run a professional mold inspection at your home? We are a certified mold remediation provider, and we work with a team of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment. We are the best hands down to help you with your mold troubles. Contact us today - 954-874-6082.

What are the Signs of Mold?

Want to be sure you're dealing with mold? Check out the following signs:

Your Room or HVAC System Smells Awful

Do not assume your HVAC does not constitute a breeding ground for mold. When your air conditioner is working, condensation can occur and lay the foundation for mold growth. When not in use, this equipment could gather some warmth, becoming a cozy residence for mold, which in turn produces the funky, damp odor your HVAC system produces.

Dark Build-Up on Your Bathroom Tile Grout

It is common to think that the dark stain you find in the grout between your bathroom tiles is dirt. It's not always true. It may be mold living their best lives in your bathroom!

Unusual Spots and Colors on Your Walls

The moment you notice your walls are always damp and have unusual discolorations, mold will likely be the culprit.


Our Mold Remediation Services: Step-by-Step Process

Here's a rundown of how we rid your Hollywood, FL premises of mold infestation:

Carpet & Upholstery Protectors Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection and Testing

Upon arriving at your premises, we use our professional eye and special equipment to check for mold infestation. We begin by checking your home for abnormal humidity levels and contamination in the air. We also check your walls, vents, and air conditioning system for internal mold growth, and look around for any signs of water damage.

Mold Remediation Plan

The outcomes of our testing on your premises will help us draw up a remediation plan that does not interfere with the state of your home and your daily activities.

Preparation Phase (Containment Area Set-Up)

As soon as you're ready to kick mold out of your home, we'll quarantine the contaminated area with impenetrable polyurethane sheets. We do this containment to ensure that mold spores do not travel to uncontaminated areas of your home during the remediation process.

Getting Rid of the Mold

As soon as we seal off the contaminated area, we proceed to clear visible mold growth on your walls, vents, and floors. We use high-pressure vacuums and filtering to complete this process.

Mold Remediation and Area Sanitizing

Removing visible mold growth alone does not eliminate mold problems in your home. Hence, we carry out mold remediation and area sanitizing for thorough mold removal. During our remediation process, we use air scrubbers to clean mold spores from the indoor air. And during area sanitizing, we use safe antimicrobial substances to prevent further growth of mold in the place.

How Long Does Professional Mold Remediation Take?

The time it would take our specialists to remediate your home will depend on factors like the extent of contamination, the size of the area, and the type of mold in question. However, professional mold remediation contractors will need an average of 3-7 days to complete the remediation process. To make sure that you don't need to wait for the work to start, we work with FDP Mold Remediation for prompt and efficient mold remediation services throughout the Hollywood area.

Schedule the Best Mold Remediation Services in Your Area

Do not hesitate one bit. Call us today at 954-874-6082. Let's check your premises for signs of mold and get them out as soon as possible. We value your health and well-being, and we're at your service for your mold problems.

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